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Audit Committee

Born out of the DHI Strategic Plan and Governance Policies, the job of the Audit Committee is to: 1) receive the audit report for submission to the Board; 2) be available to receive reports of fraud or financial misconduct from anyone in the organization; 3) independently oversee the financial activities as set out in the governance policies of the Association; and 4) select a public accounting firm to annually audit the financial books and records of the Association and to receive a copy of the audited statement.

Awards Committee

The DHI Awards Committee plays an important role by determining who should be honored within our industry. Many individuals give of themselves tirelessly to our organization and industry, and it is important that they be duly recognized and honored, and more importantly, thanked for their efforts. This committee processes nominations for the various awards and makes those selections. (View a list of past award recipients.)

Board of Governors Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee was formulated as a direct result of DHI's Strategic Plan and DHI's purpose to be member driven. The electoral process of the Institute enables the members to have direct input regarding the selection of leaders of the Institute. This committee must have vision for the organization and is responsible for selecting the future slate of leaders for DHI who can address the opportunities and threats facing the industry today and into tomorrow.

Certification Council (CC)

The Certification Council (CC) is responsible for monitoring, updating, and modifying all aspects of the certification program, including the Institute's Continuing Education Program (CEP). This work is accomplished in coordination with the Education Council (EC). The CC makes recommendations to the Board of Governors regarding procedures and requirements for candidates for each of DHI's consultant classifications and related issues that advance the goals and initiatives of the Institute.

Chapter Leadership Committee

The purpose of the Chapter Leadership Committee (CLC) is to develop tools for use by DHI's chapters in the areas of leadership, communication and education. The Chapter Task Force has determined that strength in these areas is the basis for a healthy chapter. The CLC is a permanent committee charged with working with staff and local leadership to develop tools necessary to assure viability of DHI chapters and to keep pace with constantly changing technology.

Code Technical Advisory Committee

This Committee is made up of five to seven members who are experts in codes and writing specifications. The committee is responsible for: developing positions for DHI on code issues, put in place a consensus process to advance our work in the code arena, develop our structure and strategy for this new code initiative and develop recommendations for the Board of Governors.

Conference & Exposition Council (Formerly Exhibitor Advisory Council)

Addresses specific concerns pertaining to the annual tradeshow, such as the selection of future locations and major activities and programs held during the show. Through discussion with DHI's Director of Meetings and Conventions, this committee helps to ensure that each year's convention meets the needs of both the exhibiting companies and the convention attendees.

Conference Host Committee

Appointed by the DHI president, this group of volunteers is comprised of industry leaders who are local to the host city of the Annual Conference and Exposition. Providing DHI staff with knowledge of the industry and stakeholder presence in the area and offering city specific advice for schedule, travel suggestions and theme for the show, as well as pertinent information about the city itself. Instrumental in the smooth execution of the conference onsite by volunteering their time and energy during the show.

Contracts Task Force

Review and develop an educational document which analyzes the impact of certain contractual clauses to our industry and to develop alternative model riders that could be employed.

Distinguished Consultant Selection and Evaluation Committee

Performs the review process and ultimate selection of future Distinguished Architectural Hardware Consultants (DAHC) and Distinguished Certified Door Consultants (DCDC) recipients.

Distributors Best Practices Group

To identify, analyze, and comprehend distributor challenges and opportunities in order to address through education, best practice platforms, advocacy, and communication to the industry and how DHI can assist and enhance distribution in these endeavors while strictly adhering to DHI's Anti-trust policy.

Door Security & Safety Foundation – Liaison to Board of Trustees

Serves as a member of the Board of the Foundation and represents the BOG at all Foundation meetings and conference calls. Reports to the BOG on the Foundation. Participates in the Foundation fundraising efforts.

Education Council

Ensures quality and consistency in DHI's education through educational needs assessments, instructor preparation programs and ongoing evaluation. Oversee the selection of the proper delivery mechanism for each topic area as determined by the needs assessment. Evaluate program outlines or lesson goals to ensure a consistent message. Work closely with the Certification Councilon matters related to Certification and the Continuing Education Programs.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a standing committee consisting of the elected officers and one additional board member appointed by the President. DHI's Executive Director serves on this committee in an ex-officio capacity. The Finance Committee is responsible for the review of annual budgets to ensure their conformity to the DHI Strategic Plan and also serves as the compensation committee.

Joint Metal/Wood Door Hardware Standards

This committee's work is important to the continued success of the Institute. It is this group that must have a vision for the organization and be able to assist in the development of product standards that directly affect the architectural openings industry.

Media & Editorial BOARD

Work closely with DHI's Director of Communications and Editor for Doors + Hardware magazine to determine the content and direction of the magazine and determine the winners of the Ryan Award for technical articles. In addition, will identify industry-specific media needs and trends for publications and communications.

Strategic Advisory Council

The Strategic Advisory Council reviews DHI's Strategic Plan to ensure that it continues to address the needs and concerns of our industry. Members serve for staggered three-year terms. This committee keeps the Institute poised to meet the challenges of the future and to keep our industry successful.