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DHI emblems may be used only by Institute members in good standing (distributor, independent sales agency, manufacturing firms, consultant or DHI member). It should not be used in any way to imply approvals and/or endorsements of any product or service. The DHI emblems may be placed on calling cards, business letterhead or forms in the following manner:

  • Distributor, Independent Sales Agency or Manufacturing Firms: Adjacent to company name
  • Consultant or DHI Member: Adjacent to the individual member's name

The emblems may be used only by those designated as certified consultants and placed on letterhead, calling cards or forms with the consultant's name in an area designated exclusively for that purpose, to avoid association with the company name. If your firm employs more than one consultant and you prefer not to list them individually on your letterhead, you may substitute the phrase "AHCs [CDCs/AOCs/EHCs] Employed."

Emblems must not be altered in any way and may be produced in black and white. On two-color items, the emblem should be printed in the darker of the two inks being used. Always use the proofs available from DHI headquarters. (Contact the Graphic Artist in the Publications Department at 703/222-2010 and request a print-suitable version of an emblem.) DO NOT give your printer emblems that have been published in magazines or other sources.

Continuing Education Program Seals

Congratulations! You have passed the consultant exam and are now an AHC, CDC or EHC (or maybe even an AOC)! You have your certificate and pin, but there is one thing that is missing—your proof of participation in the Continuing Education Program. Increase the perceived value of your certification. Use this stamp or seal to mark letters, hardware schedules, door schedules and drawings. Use it as a professional tool to enhance your image and add value to your work.

The Continuing Education Program is free to certified DHI members, however, there is a fee if you wish to purchase the self-inking stamp or the seal. Each stamp or seal will have your name and designation on it, which will enable you to leave your "mark" on industry-related documents.

Seal of Approval

Seal Order Form

DHI supports the Continuing Education Program through advertising in industry-related publications and by publishing a consultant listing on its website which includes those who are participants in the program (participant names are marked with an asterisk).

If you have any questions regarding the use of your professional emblems or if you would like to order a seal, please contact education@dhi.org at 703/766-7025.