COR101 - Doors and Hardware 101

Doors and Hardware 101


Due to the transition to DHI’s new Learning Management System, TopClass, and in order to insure that all your data will be be transferred over smoothly, we have temporarily suspended COR101 registrations.

Introducing Doors and Hardware 101 –
NEW, Updated, Self-Paced, Online Course

Now only $130! – The first step on the education path for those working in and with
the door and hardware industry.

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With newly updated content, this course introduces the fundamentals of architectural doors and hardware to those new to this industry who want to understand the basics of the products and their applications.

Meeting many needs!

  • It’s the first step on the path of career development in the door and hardware industry.
  • It’s a simple introduction to understand the critical components of openings that provide life safety and security to building users.

Getting Started!

  • The course comprises (15) lessons that will take approximately (40) hours for a student new to the industry to complete. You have unlimited online access to the course for a (180) day license period after registration.
  • You must complete the (15) lessons including the corresponding tests within this (180) day timeframe. Each individual test requires a 75% minimum score to pass. You may take each test as often as you like but only the highest score for each will be recorded in the system. DHInteractiv will calculate the final course grade as an average of the (15) individual tests and assign a final grade.
  • Final passing grades will be recorded in the student record in DHInteractiv and a Certificate of Completion will be issued. You may continue to access the course for another (180) days after completion for ongoing reference and may retake the tests to assess retention of the course materials during this timeframe.
  • There are no software or downloads required to view this course. It will run in Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, Chrome and browsers that have the Adobe® Flash® Player plugin installed. Most lessons include portions that are narrated, which requires your computer to have speakers or a headset. High speed internet connection is recommended. You may access the course from any computer with a user I.D. and password.
  • Each license is a single user license and sharing this course with anyone else is prohibited.
Lesson Details and
Learning Objectives

Summary of Lessons

  • LESSON 1: Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
    This lesson introduces you to the terminology, components, and materials used to manufacture hollow metal doors and frames.
  • LESSON 2: Architectural Wood Doors
    Students learn the terminology, components, and materials used to manufacture flush and stile and rail architectural wood doors.
  • LESSON 3: Materials and Finishes
    This lesson describes the common metals, materials, and finishes used in the builders hardware industry.
  • LESSON 4: Hand the Door
    This lesson teaches students how to properly hand doors, door frames, and hardware products using industry-standard terms and abbreviations.
  • LESSON 5: Hang the Door
    This lesson introduces students to the builders hardware items that are used to carry the weight of the door leaves and the hardware items attached to them.
  • LESSON 6: Secure the Door – Door Bolts
    This lesson describes the different types of door bolts used to secure the inactive leaves of pairs of doors.
  • LESSON 7: Secure the Door – Locks and Latches
    This lesson focuses on the different types of builders hardware locks and latches used to secure door openings.
  • LESSON 8: Secure the Door – Panic Hardware and Fire Exit Hardware
    This lesson explains the differences between panic hardware and fire exit hardware devices and teaches students when and how exit devices are used to meet the life safety requirements of building, fire, and life safety codes.
  • LESSON 9: Secure the Door – Cylinders and Keying
    This lesson explains the different types of cylinders used in builders hardware and provides students with a working understanding of pin tumbler cylinders as well as how masterkeying is designed to provide convenience to the building’s occupants.
  • LESSON 10: Control the Door
    This lesson describes surface mounted and concealed door closers that are used to control the opening and closing speeds of door leaves.
  • LESSON 11: Protect the Door
    This lesson teaches students the various products (e.g., protection plates, door pulls, edge guards) that are used to protect door openings from being dented and scratched.
  • LESSON 12: Electrified Architectural Hardware
    This lesson provides students with a base-level understanding of the principles of basic electricity and how it is used to modify the functions of builders hardware items to enhance accessibility and maintain security in today’s buildings.
  • LESSON 13: Codes and Standards
    This lesson introduces students to the many codes and standards that affect architectural door openings, with a focus on NFPA 80, NFPA 101, and ICC A117.1.
  • LESSON 14: Blueprint Reading, Specifications, and Scheduling
    This lesson teaches students how to read blueprints and specifications and introduces students to hardware schedules.
  • LESSON 15: Jobsite Service
    This lesson explains how preparing hardware submittals, marking and packaging doors, frames, and hardware items sets the stage for good jobsite service during the course of the project.
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