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Get credit by relying on your own subject matter and real life job experience. These exams are a convenient way to continue your education right from the comfort of your home or office.

Challenge Exams are available for many of DHI’s courses. Some require students to answer a battery of questions ranging between 25 to 50 questions. Certain challenge exams require the students to complete an additional exercise such as writing detailed hardware sets or writing a complete three-part specification.

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By taking the Challenge Exam, you are indicating to DHI that you have gained enough knowledge of the subject matter through study and experience. While the challenge exams are designed to be taken open-book, DHI does not provide course or reference material. If a student fails a Challenge Exam, he/she will incur a retake fee that will be equivalent to the cost of the Challenge Exam at the time the retake is requested.

DHI highly recommends taking either online or traditional face-to-face courses in order to gain a thorough knowledge of any subject matter.

A few tips before you begin:

  • Instructions will be provided to you upon entering the Challenge Exam area.
  • Once you have purchased a Challenge Exam you will have 30 days to complete it.
  • In most cases, you will have 60 minutes to complete an exam (a timed clock icon will appear on the exam).

Once you sign up, you can access DHI’s Challenge Exams through our Online Education Community. Passing a challenge exam will give you credit for a specific course needed for the DHI Education and Credentialing Program.

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You will be asked for your User ID and Password when you log into the Online Education Community. Your User ID is your DHI ID Number and your password is your last name until you change it. If you do not have your User ID please call DHI at 703-222-2010.

For questions regarding Challenge Exams please contact the Education Department at 703/766-7025.

Taking and passing a Challenge Exam will earn you a significant amount of CEP points. The formula for calculating your points is: For each hour of class time a Challenge Exam is worth, 1 CEP point will be earned. (Example: COR120 is a 2-day class, and there are 8 hours in a class day. Therefore, the 16-hour class would translate to 16 CEP points earned for passing the COR120 Challenge Exam.) Please note that the tracking and documenting of earned CEP points is the responsibility of the student.