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CE1501 Code Update for Swinging Door Openings - 2015 International Building Code

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Staying current with codes is not getting any easier, but remains one of the most important tasks in our industry and it is necessary that you are aware of the specific changes related to swinging door openings.

This online self-paced course walks you through the changes in the current edition of the International Building Code (IBC) (2015) and provides a Code Update for Swinging Door Openings. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the code development and adoption implications on a local level.
  • Describe the types of facilities required to have a Storm Shelter.
  • Explain the differences and the changes to cross-corridor double-egress pairs of doors in health care facilities.
  • Describe where information on locations requiring fire-resistant-rated assemblies and fire-protection-rated assemblies is found.
  • List the UL and NFPA standards referenced for positive pressure testing and the assembly type added.
  • Understand changes relating to safety glazing for temperature rise doors, fire-resistant and fire-protection glazing.
  • List the occupancy types added and other changes for controlled egress doors.
  • Identify the standards referenced related to swinging door openings by the 2015 IBC.

To better understand the context of the changes that are covered in the lessons, The 2015 Commentary for the IBC has been extensively revised for each section that addresses electrified hardware. These modifications should assist code officials in interpreting these sections of the IBC more consistently.

Doors and Hardware2015IBCWhile it is not required that you purchase this to complete the course, it is a helpful document available at www.iccsafe.org.

This course is intended for individuals who have a strong working knowledge of the International Building Code (IBC) as well as those individuals who have completed the COR140 - Using Codes and Standards and/or the DAI600 - Fire and Egress Door Assembly Inspection courses. It will take approximately (2) hours to complete. Certified Consultants (AHC, CDC, EHC, and AOC) earn (6) technical CEP points upon successful completion of this course, which requires a passing score of 75% on the course exam.

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