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DHI In-House Education System Guidelines
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The DHI In-House Education System enables companies to provide DHI’s renowned education sessions conveniently to their employees. Time away from home and out of the office will be reduced, which translates into even greater cost savings for your company. Companies can purchase the instructor and student materials for many DHI training classes. The official end-of-class exam is included, and students who pass the exam receive the same, full credit towards a diploma — or towards meeting the requirements necessary for taking the AHC, CDC or EHC exams — as students who pass DHI’s national class sessions. The links below will assist you with all aspects of planning and delivering a local DHI class.

Available In-House Training Courses

  • COR103 – Understanding and Using Construction Documents (8 hours)
  • COR113 – Architectural Hardware and Applications (24 hours)
  • COR120 – Door and Frame Applications (16 hours)
  • COR125 – Takeoff and Estimating (16 hours)
  • COR140 – Using Codes and Standards (24 hours)
  • COR145 – Principles of Specification Writing (8 hours)
  • COR153 – Installation Coordination and Project Management (16 hours)
  • COR160 – Material Purchasing Concepts (8 hours)
  • COR165 – Professional Sales (8 hours)
  • AHC200 – Masterkeying (8 hours)
  • AHC205 – Detailing Hardware (24 hours)
  • CDC300 – Using Door and Frame Standards (8 hours)
  • CDC305 – Detailing Doors and Frames (16 hours)
  • EHC400 – Drawings for Electrified Hardware Systems (24 hours)

For more details about these courses please refer to the Education Resource Guide.

Note: Despite the notation in the ERG, AHC207 is no longer available at the local level. As with AHC215, CDC310 and EHC415, it will only be offered as an online class or as a Challenge Exam.

Steps for Delivering a Successful In-House Training Program

PLEASE NOTE: Applications must be submitted to DHI at least 6 weeks prior to the dates of your school.

Questions? Please contact the Education Department directly at 703.222.2010.