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After each live webinar, all sessions will be available in archived recordings, complimentary to DHI members—only through DHInteractiv. Even if you were not able to attend the webinar, you will have access to this valuable member benefit!

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Session Recordings

The following classes are now available in archived recordings:

Better Project Results with Better Standard Contracts

Brian Perlberg from ConsensusDocs on behalf of DHI and ConsensusDocs

Webinar Details:
Price, schedule and work scope are all determined by your contract, but all too often contracts are not given careful consideration. This webinar will explain how contracts have been demonstrated to impact project results and the specific provisions that most directly impact your bottom line. You will find out how standard contracts, through a coalition effort called ConsensusDocs, offer an alternative approach that can help your business. DHI is a coalition member.

Completion of this class is worth 3 CEP Points

Grow Your Business in the Healthcare Market

paul Presenter:
Paul Baillargeon, AHC, FDAI
Vice President, Technical Consulting,
Door Security & Safety Foundation

Webinar Details:
Did you know that two of the top ten deficiencies in hospitals contain noncompliant issues found in means of egress, and doors, frames and hardware?

The American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) and The Joint Commission have recognized this and are focused on their commitment towards correcting these issues by utilizing experts from the door and hardware industry.

By the end of this program, the attendee will be able to:

  • Know the requirements of NFPA 80 regarding maintenance and inspections of fire & egress doors
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration with the Foundation to grow your healthcare market customer base
  • Understand what local expertise is needed to support inspection, remediation, and ongoing maintenance needs for healthcare facilities

Completion of this class is worth 2 CEP Points.

Reducing Shipping Costs for Your Business
Presenter: Harry L. Centa, Jr., with


Webinar Details:

All are invited to register for the webinar "Reducing Shipping Costs for Your Business," presented by PartnerShip. PartnerShip manages the DHI Shipping Program (a DHI member only benefit) and has more than 25 years of experience helping association members save money on their shipping costs. Key topics of the webinar include:

  • Obtaining discounts with carriers
  • Developing and inbound shipping program
  • Using the correct shipping service for your specific shipments
  • Consolidating orders
  • Saving on outbound shipping

Completion of this class is worth 1 CEP Point

New Tornado Shelter Standards
Presenter: Jim Bell, CSI, CDT

Webinar Details:

Session Details—ICC 500-2008 Shelter Construction, Doors and Hardware Overview:

  • Understand the basic requirements of ICC 500-2014 Shelter Standards as well as the relationship of FEMA 320-2014 and 361-2015 guidelines
  • Show the importance of doors and hardware in protection against tornados and hurricanes
  • Have the ability to distinguish between tested and certified products and non-certified products
  • Have a working knowledge of the types of products that are certified and approved for use in a shelter that meets the ICC 500 and FEMA 361 & 320

Completion of this class is worth 3 Technical CEP Points.

Hurricane Codes 101
Presenter: Jim Bell, CSI, CDT

Webinar Details:

Session Overview—Hurricane Code 101 and Architectural Door Openings Changes in Florida Building 5th Edition (2014):

  • Understand why windstorm codes were developed
  • Changes in the Florida Building Code 5th Edition (2014) pertaining to Exterior Doors, Frames, and Hardware
  • Selection and Application of Doors, Frames, and Hardware for Code Compliance

Completion of this class is worth 3 Technical CEP Points.

HMMA (Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association)—HMMA 840, Guide Specification for Installation and Storage of Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
Presenter: Al Urbaniak

Webinar Details:
This session describe the necessary precautions for the successful installation and operation of hollow metal frames and list the requirements for the successful installation and operation of hollow metal frames. The proper jobsite receipt and storage of hollow metal doors and frames will be reviewed. This session will also illustrate the correct Installation and anchoring techniques for hollow metal frames.

Completion of this class is worth 3 Technical CEP Points.

HMMA (Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association)—The HMMA Hollow Metal Manual
Presenter: Al Urbaniak

Webinar Details:
This session will be an overview of HMMA's Hollow Metal Manual. Attendees will become better acquainted with the benefits of Hollow Metal doors through a review of terminology, the manufacture process, application components, and more. Attendees will also gain crucial knowledge for specifying Hollow Metal doors and frames through an overview of the Hollow Metal Manual including fabrication, standards, and applications.

Completion of this class is worth 3 Technical CEP Points.


SDI (Steel Door Institute)—Specialty Steel Doors and Frames
Presenter: Karen Bishop

Webinar Details:

  • The primary types of specialty steel doors with regard to their characteristics and performance
  • The ratings used in specifying these doors, such as STC, BR levels, and more
  • The options for stainless steel finishes
  • Criteria to determine which specialty steel doors are a good fit for various applications

Completion of this class is worth 3 Technical CEP Points.

SDI (Steel Door Institute)—Steel Doors & Frames 101
Presenter: Tracy Jolley

Webinar Details:

  • Various components of steel doors and frames
  • Basics of fire rated openings and how to avoid negating a rating
  • Performance levels of doors, and how to avoid over- or under-specifying doors' gauges
  • Importance of hinge and strike locations, including proper reinforcement

Completion of this class is worth 3 Technical CEP Points.


Getting the Most Out of DHI's Technical School
Presenter: Hanne Sevachko, DHI Education Manager

Webinar Details:

  • Conference Center Info
    • Closest airport
    • How to get there from the airport
    • What's available on the property
    • When to leave (classes end at 5:30, should not schedule a flight for earlier than 7:30 pm or for the next morning)
  • What to expect at the school
    • More than 150 industry peers to network with
    • Easy Registration
    • All meals held at the conference center
    • All required materials provided in class

The Real Profit Drivers:
Presenter: Dr. Albert Bates, Chairman, President and Founder of Profit Planning Group

This webinar reviews the results of the annual survey of distributor profitability and discuss what factors drive profitability across a wide range of distribution company sizes. It also analyzes how DHI members are impacted by those factors identified in this research and lay out a game plan on the specific financial actions and key management actions that DHI members have to take to improve their performance.

Completion of this class is worth 1 CEP Point.

The Decoded Course:
Presenter: Lori Greene, AHC/CDC, FDAI, FDHI, CCPR

Each class is 90 minutes long and eligible for 5 Technical CEP points.

  1. Accessibility Requirements—Clear opening width, hardware operation, opening force, closing speed, automatic operators, flush bottom rails, thresholds and vision lite requirements.
  2. Fire Door Assemblies—Purpose of fire doors, fire test methods, closing and latching requirements, clearances, astragals and smokeseal, fire exit hardware, field modifications, flush bolts and coordinators, glazing, signage and fire door assembly inspection requirements.
  3. Egress and Life Safety—Occupancy types, opening protectives, means of egress, hardware operation, panic hardware, impact-resistant glazing, luminous egress path markings and door swing.
  4. Codes for Electrified Hardware—Electric latch retraction, delayed egress locks, access-controlled egress doors, electromagnetically locked egress doors, special egress locks, elevator lobby egress and stairwell reentry.

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