DHI Login Change

Over the last year, we have upgraded our technology, and very soon we will launch the new, and soon thereafter we will launch our new Learning Management System (LMS). In your new website, you’ll have a much more robust and user-friendly online profile, new ways to network with fellow members, as well as more online member resources which will also be found in the new LMS. Plus, they will be easy to navigate so you can find exactly what you need!

One important change is that your login and your LMS login will require using your email address rather than your DHI number, and they will be the same login. To prepare for this new benefit, you’ll want to make sure that we have your most recent email address in your DHI profile, and it must be unique to you, it cannot be a shared email address. Once the new website and LMS go live, you’ll need to use that email address to log in, so let’s be sure you are all set up!

Please LOG IN HERE to access your profile today with your DHI number and password, and make sure we have your most current email on file.

Once the new website and LMS go live - very soon - we will remind you that this log in change is official.

If you have questions or need help logging in, email and we’ll help you update your profile.